Education ideal

This academy develops the human resources who flap in the world in the various fields up through Japanese learning, and  that is made an education idea.

The conduct of school is performed by keeping 3 next pillars in mind.

1. upbringing human resources who can contribute to friendship’s improvement with countries of the world through an association exchange and international understanding.
2. Upbringing of Japanese ability which can fit education sufficiently in universities and graduate schools.
3. Upbringing of the human resources who can play an active part in a Japanese company

 Educational policy

Education is promoted the following 3 as educational policy.

1 ‘a small number of people according to the Japanese level’
We will answer students’ advancement by attentive small group education that is Japanese beginner to an expert.

2 ‘Fun school life’s by kindness and polite support’ we support students mentally so as to be able to spend every day without worry.

3 “living Japanese-language education” the students will learn living Japanese, through Study between foreign students of different nationalities and cultural exchange with the community